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Welcome to 'O Sole Mio Restaurant, with two locations currently on São Miguel Island, where authentic Italian cuisine meets Azorean charm.

With a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, 'O Sole Mio is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal, a romantic dinner, or a gathering with friends. Come visit us and experience true Italian cuisine with an Azorean twist. We look forward to welcoming you!

We know how to cook the best italian food in Azores.

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Restaurante Italiano

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Restaurante Italiano

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Typical red wine from Tuscany, well-known, it has a bright ruby color and a dry flavor, leaning towards a soft velvety texture.

salame picante

Salame Piccante

It is a typical product from Calabria (southern Italy), characterized by a generous amount of chili pepper, mixed with locally sourced pork, and traditionally processed.

Seasoning is an important factor that gives Salame Piccante its suggestive and intense flavor. For those who enjoy strong flavors, the obligatory choice is our Diavola pizza, of course with Salame Piccante. FUN FACT: Pepperoni is an American salami, in Italy, PEPERONI means bell peppers... that's why here you find Salame Piccante but not "pepperoni". The origin of this term is not recent. In the past, there was no term to distinguish between bell peppers and hot chili peppers, so the same word was improperly used to indicate both, leading to a distortion of the name, becoming "pepperoni," and it has remained that way until today.



It's a type of pork salami, an Italian version that is "sweeter" than bacon and not smoked. Very tasty to eat raw (for example, as an appetizer 'O Sole Mio), but equally good when combined with various pizza ingredients (Delícia, Tentação Italiana, or Lago di Como).

You can also order a cheese bruschetta and ask for an "extra" PANCETTA... it will be delicious!



It is a cheese produced from sheep's milk, which, compared to cow's milk, is richer in fat and casein, making it a particularly rich milk.
There are three main variations of PECORINO cheese. We use PECORINO ROMANO, which, despite its name, is produced on the enchanting island of Sardinia.

This cheese has a decidedly dominant flavor, and while it can be tasted on its own, we prefer to serve it accompanied by other ingredients.

nero davola

Nero D' Avola

Typical wine from the hot lands of Sicily. It has an intense flavor, a fruity yet spicy aroma, and a high alcohol content. 

pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio

White wine from northern Italy. It is a firm wine, with a yellow color and golden reflections. It has a characteristic fruity aroma reminiscent of acacia flowers and walnuts. It has a full flavor and a persistent and harmonious finish on the palate.

grana padano

Grana Padano

It is a hard-textured cheese produced in central Italy, in the Emilia-Romagna region, and is known worldwide. The main ingredient is fresh milk to which salt and rennet are added.

This cheese has a great use in Italian cuisine and pairs well with almost everything (except fish, of course).

It is an essential ingredient in our PESTO, and its delightful flavor is enhanced when combined with BRESAOLA (a particular Italian cured beef from Valtellina, which we have at our restaurant in Ginetes).



It is a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. It is recognized as a traditional product of the Campania region and central regions of Italy. It typically has a round/pear shape and is also produced in a smoked version.

It has a very distinctive flavor that enriches every combination of ingredients (you can try it by choosing the pizza-Burger Intenso or the pizza Delícia).

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